Product Availability and Quotes
  • Aluminum extrusions and related assembly hardware are provided directly from A-FRAME to the customer’s location.  This direct service speeds up delivery and reduces cost.
  • Stock is immediately available in the USA at our facilities located in San Jose, California and Sparks, Nevada.
  • Fulfillments: bulk material, kits, partially or fully assembled, or installed at your location.
  • Quotes, material fulfillment and other information can be provided in 24 hours or less. Complex, custom orders may need additional time.
  • For immediate information, please contact us. Call 1-408.452.5716 or send email:
Bulk Material and Assemblies
  • Bulk material: aluminum extrusions and their related hardware and accessories.
  • Kits: fully machined, labeled with BOM. and ready-to-assemble.
  • Sub-assemblies: kits partially assembled and delivered.
  • Full assemblies:  complete assemblies can be delivered directly, or assembled at the customer site.
  • Custom profiles can be designed and created.
  • For decision making, initial concepts can be fine-tuned, followed with prototypes as virtual or working examples.
Engineering Services
  • Reasonable investment for design optimization.
  • Quotes available within 24 hours after design approval.
  • Submit your first drafts and we will work with you to fine-tune your design for optimal quality and cost.
  • Designs can be prototyped during the design process.